A Luxury British style Mansion to rent for your fabulous event 

    Ideal set for video and photo shoots or for filming a movie.


A magnificent, British Tudor style mansion for rent in Atlanta, 

situated on 4-acres of lush greenery, facing a lake.

The property boasts 6000 sf of interior space on a ground level.

It is fenced and gated for extra privacy.  

The exterior monumental stair is embroidered with life size sculptures- certified replica of 

the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriers 

Cipresso Castle would be great to rent for your prefect event - health retreat, wedding, 

engagement, baby shower, catalog photoshoot, music video shoot, filming and movie production or the perfect getaway. 

Luxury and opulence awaits for your next adventure.

                                                      Ticketed events are NOT allowed!